Discover Umd Marine Sdn. Bhd.


UMD Marine Sdn. Bhd. stands as a pioneering subsidiary fully owned by UMD Energy Sdn. Bhd, with its inception dating back to the 28th of July 2020. Positioned at the forefront of maritime endeavors, the company’s core operations revolve around vessel chartering, with a keen focus on Diving Support Vessels (DSVs) and Offshore Construction Vessels (OCVs), catering predominantly to the oil and gas sector.

In its relentless pursuit of excellence, UMD Marine Sdn. Bhd. is diligently preparing to broaden its portfolio by venturing into the realm of Fast Crew Boat (FCB) ownership and operation. With a strategic vision to carve a niche as the foremost expert in upstream services, particularly in the domains of DSVs, OCVs, and FCBs, UMD Marine is unwaveringly dedicated to establishing itself as a distinguished entity within the oil and gas industry landscape.

Through strategic planning and unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, UMD Marine Sdn. Bhd. aspires not only to meet but exceed the expectations of industry stakeholders, earning itself a revered status as a trusted partner and provider of essential maritime services.

Join our crew and ride the tide of opportunities in the dynamic world of oil!
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